This is an interactive biography about Jody Wirawan, which tells the story of his life in words, pictures, videos, and locations.

Even though it often wasn't under the best of circumstances Jody still loved to travel and see new places throughout his life. He was very proud of all the different places he'd been and the style of this biography is a reflection of that.

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Some of the people mentioned in this map:

(father) Joe Wirawan

(mother) Kitty Linda Kohli

(foster father) Russell Pressley

(sister) Anita Melissa Wirawan

(sister) Jennifer Francine Wirawan

(brother) Nabil Barry Wirawan

(sister) Amelia Tsunami Wirawan

(great grandmother) Florence Ester Kohli

(great grandfather) Clair Kohli

(grandfather) Gerald Clair Kohli

(uncle) John Eaton

(uncle) Greg Eaton

Map Credits

Map and Content: Anita Wirawan

Map and Picture Adjustments: Jennifer Wirawan

Special Thanks To:

Ada Emeralda
Russell Pressley
Joe Wirawan

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Thank You for taking the time to read Jody's biography :).