Jody Wirawan Memorial Card

This card was made by Jennifer Wirawan and given out at the memorial for Jody held at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Front of card:

Picture of the front of the Jody Michael Wirawan memorial card with an American flag border and picture of Jody in uniform in the center.

Inside left of card:

Picture of the inside of the Jody Wirawan memorial card with a collage of pictures from throughout his life.

Inside right of card:

Picture of the obituary for Jody Michael Wirawan from the inside of his memorial card.

Back of card:

The back of the memorial card for Jody Michael Wirawan which has a poem chosen by Jennifer Wirawan and Anita Wirawan.

5 Responses to Jody Wirawan Memorial Card

  1. Susan says:

    Jennifer, just wanted to tell you this is a beautiful card.

  2. Jason Hill says:

    The Truth about my Brother’s Life.We were in Ft.Benning,GA.together with the INFANTRY so as soldier’s in Basic & with 2/8 Cav HHC 2/8 Mortars.Jody&I did alot together,but as the Military&Everyone always does the Truth should be known SSG.Jones gave yes gave Military Accessories out of Off-Property Books to $ell on thee internet & Split the money unfortunately when the SSG.Jones did no leg work @all an Collected $$$$. From the sales Jody W.did for them then got greedy & wanted more,more$$$$.Then set my Brother Up an yes started all this by him telling Lt. Jody W. Stole these items an they both SSG.Jones & Lt. Threaten Jodys Life by putting him in jail or Levinworth, Military prision so J.W. was set up but Our Lying Govt. & Law Enforcement covered it all up as Jody real basic unit an assign to same unit brother, I just Hate Liers so SSG.Jones hope you an U.S. & it’s higher ups can live with yourselves when you lied to my Brother’s Family just so you could get 100% rating an out..Miss you Wee your brother in Arm’s 11C “”Goose”” Truth Hurts tell it an it will set the CAV cover-ups Free

    • Hi Jason,

      Thanks for sharing what you know about this, it’s really important to my family to find out the truth about what happened. I can’t even describe how this is making me feel, to hear that Jody may have been the fall guy for this and there was a cover up. Jody had a really hard life but always managed to make something good out of it. He was a foster kid in many foster homes, but instead of it eating him up he decided he wanted to be a foster dad to six kids later on in life. Jody didn’t deserve this and I’m glad you are speaking up about it, the more the truth gets out the better. I sent you an email if you want to talk more.

  3. Briana Martinez says:

    Very sad I wish his life didn’t end so soon even though I have never met him I feel like I already know him. I’m sure he was a great man and I know how it feels to lose someone you truly care about. Two years ago I dated this guy named Ben and we were talking online and then he told me “babe I don’t feel so good, my heart hurts!” I was so scared I kept yelling his name asking him what is going on.. Then he soon replies ” Baby I love you, I will never ever forget you. You mean the world to me and I wish I could hold you and kiss you one last time.” and before I could even reply it was too late. I soon got a message from his mom saying: I’m so sorry Bree, Ben died and he had a picture of you held close to him. I am here for you if you need anything. Always remember you are like my child. From then on I was never able to forgive myself.
    So sorry that you lost your brother, my condolences go out to you and your family xoxoxox…
    Email me sometime c:

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