Updates To The Jody Wirawan Memorial

A screenshot of the Jody Wirawan Memorial from June 2013.Hi there,

As you might have noticed already this memorial is undergoing some major changes this week, the most dramatic being updates to the site structure.

It’s hard to believe so much time has passed but the original memorial for Jody was made 5 years ago, and so it also reflected the various needs of people browsing during that time period.

The needs of people browsing the internet have obviously changed by leaps and bounds since then. A year is a long time in the world of technology and 5 years is close to an eternity, so the revamp of Jody’s memorial is definitely overdue.

Fast internet speeds and fast hardware are commonplace now, not to mention that everybody and their grandma carries a computer in their pocket capable of browsing the internet any time, any place.

And so this site is being updated to reflect these changes and will enable people to get to know even more about Jody and his life. I gotta say also a big thanks to Jennifer Wirawan for her help in the redesign of this site, I appreciate it! And though there will be many changes to the memorial the foundation will always remain the same: our love for Jody and the happiness it brings to share who he was with the world.


June 21, 2013